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Drove a 121% increase in backlinks and boosted traffic 583% with a tailored SEO strategy

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The story

Client Overview:

H.V.M.N., a premium San Francisco-based startup with a portfolio of products for daily keto support and overall brain and body optimization teamed with Galactic Fed to increase market share and improve their position in organic search results.

With their rapid growth, the client wanted to ensure that they also take into account the optimization and continuous development of their website. In addition to this, their goal was to increase their visibility and online presence to expand their reach, boost their traffic, and drive real impactful results.

To do this, Galactic Fed strategically laid out a custom SEO plan to meet the client’s expectations. The plan included building high quality, authoritative backlinks via different outreach strategies, extensive Google Best practices technical SEO site audit, on-page optimization, and keyword research-based content strategy to identify content opportunities tailored to HVMN’s buyer’s journey.

Strategy: Galactic Fed got started by studying the client’s business including their target market, audience, key consumers and their locations, and their overall marketing goals. This allowed the team to align their focus on the most important aspects that needed to be considered to ensure Galactic Fed meets the client’s goals.

Subsequently, the team audited the client’s sitemap and discovered and prioritized optimization opportunities. On-page optimization included the revision of meta description, headings, and page titles to include focus keywords and compel users and increase traffic, as well as UX areas of improvement.

To uncover keyword opportunities for ranking, Galactic Fed conducted thorough keyword research targeting both transactional and informational keywords. The findings were used to come up with an effective content strategy and apply this across all pages within the client’s site including product pages and blog posts. This helped the Galactic Fed team attract the right, target audience and drive relevant organic traffic.

The team also experimented with different email marketing campaigns including blogger outreach, targeted link building where the team focused on the less ranking pages, and build more authority to those, guest posting to target high ranking sites, and forum engagements. These strategies helped social proof HVMN’s brand in their niche and helped contribute to increased brand awareness.

Also, Galactic Fed consistently provided site architecture recommendations to ensure that the client’s site is easy to navigate and to maintain an optimized flow of link value. This helped decrease bounce rates and increase user experience.

Performance Results: Before engaging with Galactic Fed, the client’s site had some existing technical errors that require optimization. Each of these issues was addressed by the team and solutions were provided to improve the overall experience in the client’s site. They also helped HVMN’s internal team to execute these recommendations correctly that allowed them to better understand the best practices needed to avoid possible Google penalizations or de-ranking factors.

The multiple outreach campaigns launched for this project brought a positive SEO impact increasing the backlink profile of the client by 121%. They built links and partnerships with health and nutrition-related sites as well as bloggers who write mostly on health and wellness. Before the engagement, the client only have 3,949 backlinks pointing to its site. Then, by 11 months, this increased to 8,736 backlinks in total.

Moreover, the site’s organic traffic climbed to 91,482 visitors per month which is a 583% increase from the initial count of 13,403 visitors per month before Galactic Fed was brought in. Reflecting on this impact, the client evidently thrived in their industry and solidified their online presence.

The site’s organic keywords ranking in the top 100 increased by 363%. About 64,438 keywords earned a spot in the top 100 and 9,673 of which appeared in the top 10. This implies that more keywords appear on the first page of search results. This inline with improved user experience resulted in a remarkable increase in organic traffic.

Collectively, the SEO strategy tailored to fit the client’s objectives resulted in enhanced user experience, increased organic traffic and rankings, and long-term internal best practices.

HVMN Infographic of the Galactic Fed performance results.

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