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Rustic Dime - Meta Ads

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Meta Ads Campaign Skyrockets Sales by 305% for Retail Platform

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The story

Rustic Dime is a retail brand that helps modern men in their search for the perfect basics at an affordable price. Aiming to increase sales, they reached out to Galactic Fed for a custom Google ads campaign.

The Strategy

Galactic Fed analyzed the Rustic Dime’s goals and recommended Meta ads instead of Google ads as switching to the social platform could help deliver better results in their case.

The team began with testing various ads copy, creative assets, ad settings, and audiences.  The key stage of the campaign fell on Black Friday and the holiday season, so it was important to exit the learning phase as soon as possible and get everything ready and optimized by then to capitalize on the period.

When November came, the team decided to limit campaign changes to ensure stable performance and relevant budget spending. So, instead of creating separate Black Friday campaigns, they added new creative assets to the existing ones. This helped to preserve already tested and validated audiences, bidding strategies, ads schedule, and other optimization settings.

The Success

The Black Friday strategy developed by Galactic Fed helped to achieve lucrative results, even without any sales and promotions during the holiday season:

  • 40% increase in website traffic
  • 103% increase in add-to-cart
  • 305%  increase in purchases
  • 53% decrease in cost-per-purchase
  • 16.2 ROAS

Galactic Fed performance results

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