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7 White-Label Marketing Tools Agencies Should Have in Their Arsenal

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Written by Sarah Edwards

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Expert reviewed by Dallin Porter

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Published 14 Jun 2023

Marketing agencies can really shine when they use white-label marketing tools that personalize their reports and other materials. What, exactly, does that mean? You don’t want your carefully prepared marketing analytics presentation to appear as if it came straight from Google or some other source the client could easily access themselves.

While you may use similar tools that other marketing agencies provide, you don’t need to showcase that fact. Instead, choose solutions that allow you to white-label your presentations. That way, your customer receives customized data with their brand and logo — not the name of some SaaS provider or third-party company they don’t recognize.

Here are seven white-label marketing tools to keep in your arsenal, no matter what type of clients you have.

1. Whatagraph

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When it comes to marketing analytics, you’re likely sourcing data from several different platforms, including social media, websites, email, and paid ads. You probably don’t want to spend hours of your week on spreadsheets and graphs, so you’ll want a customizable analytics white-label marketing tool that can handle the data for you and transform it into meaningful reports your clients will value.

With Whatagraph, that’s entirely possible. Additionally, with its white-label marketing tool features, you can ensure your clients receive the reports they need with their branding and logo, a feature that makes you stand out as a true professional in the digital marketing industry.

Whatagraph connects over 40 data sources. If you don’t find every integration you’re looking for, simply copy their custom API into the source you need, and you’re golden!

2. ActiveCampaign

Busy marketing agencies can’t afford to spend time on repetitive tasks that don’t bring significant value to their clients. After all, time is money, and if you’re spending your hours on inefficient time-wasters, you’re unlikely to deliver the results your clients want.

ActiveCampaign is one of the most efficient white-label marketing tools on the market. The idea behind ActiveCampaign is to automate all of your most redundant work (think split tests, emails, text messages, and metric analyses), freeing you up to work on things that matter.

Some ActiveCampaign features include email marketing and segmentation, predictive content, event tracking, lead scoring, and automated landing pages. Really, just about any digital marketing activity you can think of is included in this handy software package.

ActiveCampaign integrates with most CRM systems and over 850 sources, including Shopify, WooCommerce, and Stripe. You can manage your client’s marketing activities in a centralized database. Every tool available in ActiveCampaign is white-labeled, ensuring your clients receive the personalized experience they expect from you.

3. DashThis

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Marketing agencies looking for a way to conveniently share marketing data and metrics with clients will likely benefit from DashThis. DashThis, as its name implies, provides a streamlined dashboard that can house your most important marketing metrics in one easy-to-use homepage. 

Customizable dashboards allow you to create specific reporting metrics your clients want to see. You can choose between charts, graphs, and list formats and designate the time frame you want to source your data. You can also add each company’s name and logo, providing a professional finishing touch to this white-label marketing tool. 

DashThis doesn’t only offer analytics dashboards. You can also generate customized reports that are viewable via PDF, email, or shared through a link. 

DashThis integrates with dozens of platforms, including Google Analytics, Facebook, Hubspot, Instagram, and Semrush. If you don’t find the integration you need directly through DashThis, you can connect it via their API.

DashThis is a little on the expensive side. A minimal plan with just three dashboards costs $45 per month, and one with 50 dashboards is $419 monthly. However, the fee makes sense for agencies with a large client base.

4. HighLevel

HighLevel differs from the traditional white-label marketing tools that offer customized reporting and analytics by providing a unique solution to improve the lead generation process. With HighLevel, you’ll have an all-in-one tool that takes you through each sales funnel stage, from capturing clients to closing them.

HighLevel positions itself as a company that incorporates everything you need for your digital marketing activities without needing to use multiple outside platforms that can slow down your creative process and create hiccups in the analytics process. 

With HighLevel, you can easily create entire websites, landing pages, and surveys designed to attract customers. Once you have a new lead, you can incorporate their nurture tools, which include email and SMS marketing and phone connect. 

HighLevel provides a dashboard that identifies where each of your prospective clients is in the sales funnel, making it easier for you to determine the proper techniques to move them toward a conversion. 

HighLevel’s white-label local marketing tools make it easy for agencies to engage with their client’s prospects using company logos and branding. You can separate each client in your database, providing for easy organization of multiple customers.

Many agencies find HighLevel one of the most fairly-priced white-label local marketing tools. At $297 monthly, you’ll gain access to all the tools you need, saving you money if you typically use multiple platforms in your agency.

5. Google Looker Studio

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Agencies that need to create a simple analytics report on the fly will likely find Google Looker Studio an attractive option. Google Looker Studio (formerly Google Data Studio) is an entirely free white-label marketing tool that allows you to create customized reports, including your client’s branding and logo design, sourced from data obtained through Google Analytics.

While professional agencies shouldn’t view Google Looker Studio as a permanent solution for their white-label reporting needs, it’s an easy tool you can use when a client asks for a simple report that doesn’t require a lot of customizable features.

New marketing agencies starting to assimilate a client base may find Google Looker Studio a practical option. Since you won’t be paying any fees to use it, you’ll pocket more of your revenue, which you can use to invest in more extensive white-label marketing tools in the future.

6. SEO PowerSuite

Digital marketing agencies that focus on SEO should consider SEO PowerSuite. SEO PowerSuite offers lots of features, including keyword tracking, site crawling, backlink optimization, link prospecting, and outreach. It’s one of the top white-label marketing tools for dedicated SEO firms, and you can use it to create personalized reports for all of your clients, complete with their logos, branding, and company information.

Among SEO PowerSuite’s many benefits is its pricing. You’ll find it difficult to find another SEO tool that offers similar features for its low cost. In fact, you can use SEO PowerSuite entirely for free, but you’ll miss out on some of its best benefits, like scheduled SEO tasks and printed or PDF white-label reports. 

SEO PowerSuite is also one of the better white-label local marketing tools. You can sift through traffic details and insights to find information about keyword usage in specific areas and cities, which is much more extensive than most other SEO tools.

7. Brevo

Marketing agencies specializing in email, SMS, and chat messaging will appreciate Brevo’s white-label marketing tools. With Brevo, you can easily create customized emails and text messages to wow your client’s customers and increase conversions.

Brevo began as an email newsletter marketing tool and was formerly known as Sendinblue. However, the company decided to offer upgrade solutions for clients using other communication channels, like SMS and WhatsApp, for their advertising needs.

Brevo includes lots of templates that you can use to design your customer’s email, or you can use your graphics and text for a more customized solution. The product is relatively inexpensive. For $37 monthly, you can send up to 20K emails with no branding at all. Additional upgrades are available for agencies that have a more extensive client bandwidth.

Add Your Own Flair with White-Label Marketing Tools

Working with a marketing agency can be a significant expense for a business, so you want to ensure you present your clients with a solid product that’s valuable and personalized. Otherwise, they may not view you as the professional digital marketer that you genuinely are.

Try these suggested white-label marketing tools and see how they benefit your agency. In addition to their customization options, some can significantly improve your marketing processes, making it easier to create reports and automate tasks, so you can spend more time interfacing with your clients and developing creative solutions that meet their objectives.

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